IRE Laboratory

High quality group 3 nitrides epitaxial films on Si substrate are our target. The plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PA-MBE) growth using a VG80H MBE machine in a clean room of Doshisha University is developed using results of highe tch research project of Doshisha University.

Back ground of foundation of IERE Laboratory

Basic philosophy of interface reaction epitaxy laboratory

About the laboratory

NameInterface Reaction Epitaxy Laboratory(IRE Laboratory)
Location 3-19, Nanasegawa Miyamaki, Kyoutanabe,
Kyoto, 610-0313, Japan
FoundationFebruary 12, 2012
DirectorTadashi Ohachi
Business itemsDevelopment of basic techniques of MBE growthof group 3 nitrides on Si using IRE and AM-MEE. Xray characterization of grown Epitaxial films of group 3 nitrides on Si.

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